Whole30 is a program that eliminates processed, artificial and certain other types of foods from the diet for 30 days. It focuses on having people consume lean meats and fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (i.e., “healthy fats”), and is often publicized as a lifestyle plan, rather than a diet. Since the program’s development in 2009, millions of people have tried Whole30 as a way to detoxify the body, enhance their health, lose weight and improve their overall well-being. If you’ve heard any of the chatter about this program, you probably know it has a reputation for being “hard.” Many believe that there is no way to properly prep Whole30 meals and, thus, there is no way to avoid the stress and mess of shopping for and preparing Whole30 food each day. We’re here to tell you, however, that Whole30 meal prep is possible. Where’s what you need to know:

Whole30 Meal Prep Might Seem Like it Would Be Complicated, But It’s Not

The premise of Whole30 is the fact that people should only consume natural, whole foods since many of the foods that trigger symptoms of allergic reactions and food sensitivities are those that have been artificially processed in some way. For many people, it might seem that finding ways to preserve fresh food in ready-made meals for several days would be difficult. It doesn’t have to be, though. Cooking five chicken breasts really isn’t any harder than cooking one or two! And with modern refrigeration and the right storage containers for food, it’s easy to package a few days worth of meals at one time.

Whole30 Meal Prep Might Seem Like it Would Be Expensive, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Although Whole30 foods are usually the ones found along the perimeter of the supermarket, where many believe the most expensive food is located, you can still find ways to shop so that you can Whole30 meal prep effectively. For example, shop at your local ethnic store, where prices tend to be cheaper for items typically used in specialized dishes. Buy foods that are in season, when it doesn’t cost as much to store and ship them to stores. Go to a large, warehouse club for meats; you can freeze whatever you buy but don’t need for the week. Keep tabs on local advertisements and plan your Whole30 meal prep menu around the sales of your neighborhood grocery. Buy frozen. In many instances, frozen fruits and vegetables are as (or sometimes more) healthy than fresh, and frequently less expensive!

Whole30 Meal Pep Might Seem Like It Would Be Time-Consuming, But It’s Actually Quicker (than Cooking Meals Every Day)

The thought of spending three hours in one afternoon doing Whole30 meal prep might seem daunting at first, but it’s actually quicker than spending an hour preparing one meal each day. 

An Even Better Alternative is Lean Kitchen

If you still believe Whole30 meal prep is too much for you to handle but want to remain dedicated to the program, you should consider our options here at Lean Kitchen. Our menu makes it easy for our customers to Whole30 meal prep without the headache of actually having to step inside a kitchen. All our meals incorporate the right balance of fresh, whole foods. We don’t add sugar or preservatives, and we don’t use fillers. Most importantly, our meals are clearly labeled with all the nutritional information you need to confirm you’re following the Whole30 plan. To learn more about Whole30 meal prep at Lean Kitchen, please review a sample of our current menu options here and give us a try!

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