Meal prep is typically one of those tasks that few people truly enjoy. It’s not particularly fun to plan out, shop for and prepare a bunch of meals at one time, especially if you have other responsibilities vying for your attention and your time. Nevertheless, meal prep has become a trend for healthy living. Some of the most common meal prep recipes include chicken and rice. Take a look at why people love to hate chicken and rice meal prep:

It’s Easy

Let’s face it. Chicken and rice meal prep is easy. You don’t really need any special tools or skills. You can make large portions of both chicken and rice at one time. And you don’t need a lot of time to cook either one. Indeed, in a relatively short amount of time, you can complete your chicken and rice meal prep, leaving you free to pursue other interests while still filling your fridge for the week!

It’s Versatile

Chicken and rice meal prep ensures you have a ready stash of meals all week long, meals that can be customized by meal and/or eater. Chicken and rice dishes can be served hot or cold. They can be left plain or embellished with a variety of seasonings and toppings, and they can appease a variety of palettes, from simple to sophisticated. Very few people won’t eat chicken or rice, making chicken and rice meal prep a fairly safe choice for satisfying a wide range of personal tastes.

It’s Nutritious

Chicken and rice are also nutritious options. In addition to being a lean protein, chicken provides the body with vital vitamins, minerals and other nutrients; rice is a good source of more than 15 essential nutrients, as well. And because both are so nutrient-dense, meals from a chicken and rice meal prep session keep you satisfied longer, boost your energy and can aid in weight loss.

It’s Affordable

Of course, chicken and rice are also very affordable. You can manage chicken and rice meal prep on a sensible budget without sacrificing quality, taste or convenience.

The Lean Kitchen Advantage

Even though chicken and rice meal prep is easy, versatile and affordable and can render a variety of healthy menu options, many people still just don’t like the concept of preparing meals ahead of time. If you’re one of those people who loves chicken and rice dishes but hates chicken and rice meal prep, know this: you have options. At Lean Kitchen, we take care of prepping food for you, leaving you with only the task of enjoying your meal! To learn more about the range of menu items we have available — including those featuring chicken and rice — please contact us today.

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