Our Story

Rewinding to the very beginning of Lean Kitchen… JR was running his own meal prep hustle on the side while working a full time job and I owned a supplement store that had been in business since early 2016.

I did things a little different than most supplement stores, which is that I actually deeply cared about people. I’ve never been in business to sell the most expensive products to every customer, but rather educate them on how they need to be eating and only recommend to them what is necessary.

I quickly found that the biggest obstacle our customers’ faced was their diet. I knew of a few meal prep companies… but knew it could be done better: delicious food that tasted homemade, quality ingredients and a reasonable price.

lean kitchen jr austin

That’s when I met JR! We were both working out at the same gym & I had heard that his food was really good. I struck up a conversation with him and found out that food was truly his passion. He had lost a lot of weight since starting his own meal prepping and was maxed out with 25 customers and wanted to go bigger.

“I meal prep for myself… He meal preps. How hard could it be?”, I thought to myself.

We partnered up & with some unused space in the back of my store, we began a commercial kitchen buildout.

Our first weekend of preparing meals, we had almost 1,000 meals pre-sold and were opening Sunday morning. We thought we would “just knock them out on Saturday” just me & him… HA, We have a crew of people for this amount of meals now if that tells you how far we’ve come!

We managed to get it all done with no sleep… The model changed a few times and we settled on what is now THE Lean Kitchen Company. We know how to save a ton of money building out a kitchen, we know how to run a kitchen very efficiently, and we offer absolutely delicious, healthy meals in a grab n’ go style store.

We began franchising Lean Kitchen in January 2018 and are the fastest growing meal prep franchise in the country!

Maybe even cooler than that though, we have customers frequently stop in to grab meals & tell us they have been able to come off their diabetes medicine that they have been on their entire life, or tell us they don’t need their blood pressure meds anymore, or how they have lost 85 pounds just from eating our meals. Impacting somebody’s life in this way is a feeling that money can’t buy.

We want to deeply thank everyone that has supported us to this point. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and we are so grateful for your ongoing support as we continue to grow Lean Kitchen!

-Austin Evans

lean kitchen austin jr

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