The last two years have propelled convenience to the forefront of everyone’s consciousness. It’s not so much that we’ve all become lazy, but rather that we’ve had to find solutions that make it easier for us to enjoy life and keep ourselves safe during a global pandemic. According to research powerhouse McKinsey & Company, the projected 10 years-worth of time that experts believed was needed for consumers to accept reliance on e-commerce services was condensed into the pandemic’s first three months. In just 90 days we learned to depend on online shopping and expect reliable delivery of even the most mundane goods. And although the pandemic is slowing and we no longer fear going out quite so much, we aren’t going back. In our quest for expedience we’re still skipping the middleman and heading straight to the source for all kinds of items, especially our food. While grab and go meals have been around a while, the stakes are rising for food companies wanting to stay in the game. Take a look at what you should expect from the grab and go meal industry now and in the future:

What to Expect from Grab and Go Meals in 2022 and Beyond

Grab and go meals have been pretty common for years. In addition to providing the ubiquitous TV dinner in their frozen food sections, grocery stores have offered ready-made meals in their deli and refrigerated sections for decades. Cold sandwiches and salads, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and baked pastas and casseroles are frequently seen offerings for ready consumption in most grocery and convenience stores. Moving forward, it’s likely that grab and go meals will become healthier and a lot more common, though. Dedicated grab and go meal providers (not just supermarkets) will be offering a variety of meal prep services, as well as door-to-door delivery, allowing consumers to fulfill the breadth of their daily dietary needs without leaving the house at all!

The Lean Kitchen Advantage

At Lean Kitchen Company, the next big thing in healthy grab and go meals is already at hand! As the fastest growing meal prep franchise in the U.S., we’ve already got the food and the meal delivery process down to a science. Ready-made, grab and go meals are offered on-site at all of our locations, but they can also be customized for delivery or pickup in a variety of ways. We’ve been ahead of the game for years and know that convenience shouldn’t sacrifice taste, nutritional value or the accomplishment of anyone’s own individual goals. Please look over our site and give us a try!