The Paleo Diet is among the world’s most popular ways of eating. Indeed, research in the last ten years indicates that up to three million people in the United States alone strive to eat like our prehistoric ancestors, consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood, but little to no grains or dairy products. It’s a way of life that’s based on the idea that early humans ate only what they could hunt or gather and had less incidence of disease; thus, by cutting out refined sugars, milk, cheese and other processed foods introduced as a result of The Agricultural Revolution, many believe they are better protected against improper nutrition and chronic health issues. If you follow a paleo diet and want to know if it’s possible to also prep your meals ahead of time — another highly popular way to cook and eat in this day and age, keep reading. You can most definitely have your steak (but maybe not cake) and eat it, too! Here are the top three questions (along with their answers) that we here at Lean Kitchen get regarding paleo meal prep:

Can You Really Prep Paleo Foods Effectively?

The point of paleo is to cut out chemicals and consume only fresh, whole foods, right? And the point of meal prep is convenience. So, how can both of these objectives simultaneously exist during paleo meal prep when one seemingly contradicts the other? Is it possible to prep paleo ingredients so that you end up with a healthy, delicious grab-and-go meal? The answer is YES, paleo meal prep is definitely possible! At Lean Kitchen in particular, we begin with only the highest-quality ingredients. All our foods are naturally-packed with protein, containing no artificial preservatives, engineered fillers, processed carbs or added sugars. Our chef-designed recipes are specifically created to ensure that our paleo meal prep options are just as convenient as your typical takeout, but a lot more healthy!

How Can I Be Sure My Meal is Actually Paleo-Based?

Transparency is critical for companies in any type of industry. In the restaurant and food business, it’s especially important because it not only indicates the value of the product at hand, but it usually directly impacts the overall well-being of the consumer buying it! As a result, every paleo meal option offered at Lean Kitchen includes a nutritional label that details the nutrients and calories of each dish. We don’t just say we offer paleo meals, we print it out in black and white so consumers know exactly what’s included in their paleo meal prep purchase.

Are There Enough Paleo Meal Prep Options to Keep Me Interested?

Not many people want to eat the same thing over and over again— even if it’s convenient. Don’t worry, though, our Lean Kitchen chefs offer new paleo meal options all the time. We work to continuously develop new offerings because we know food should never be boring!

Want to Learn More?

Choosing and sticking with a paleo lifestyle can be a lot easier if you partner with a good meal prep service. At Lean Kitchen, we offer a diverse range of paleo meal prep options that allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of a diet high in lean protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals without having to waste a lot of time in a kitchen. Please contact us to learn more about using our paleo meal prep services to keep you interested and engaged in a paleo lifestyle with more time for other endeavors!