Meal prepping is worth it if you know how to do it well. And luckily, doing it well really isn’t that hard. With the right tools and a little advice, meal prep can be easy and affordable, a beneficial endeavor for anyone wanting to maximize his or her time and money. Take a look at our tips for success:

Make it a Priority

If you’re wondering “is meal prepping worth it,” then it’s likely you think it might or could be. And the answer is “yes,” meal prepping is worth it, but you need to make it a priority in order for it to truly impact your life. Dabbling in meal prep won’t make you good — i.e., efficient and effective — at it; you need to focus on it fully if you want to save time, money and/or reach any other specific goal (eat a more healthy diet, lose weight, etc.) in any significant way. Each week, set aside the time you need to plan your meals, shop, prep your ingredients, cook and then assemble and store your dishes. The key to success will depend on your consistency with these tasks.

Plan Ahead

Meal prepping aims (among other things) to save you time by reducing the hassle of daily cooking. Like everything in life, to make that work, you need a plan. Create a weekly menu ahead of time so that you’ll know what you need when you head to the store.

Stock Your Pantry

Planning ahead also includes stocking your pantry. Having common staples already at hand means you don’t need to waste time searching for them each week at the store.

Think “Healthy,” Not Just “Convenient”

Making meal prep worth it necessarily depends on the nutritional value of the recipes you pick. Otherwise, it’s really no different than picking up fast food; it’s convenient and saves time, sure, but it really adds no other benefit to your life. Healthy, fast meals, however, do!

Be Prepared

Of course, you also need the right tools to make meal prep worth it. If you make food ahead of time but don’t have the right containers to put it in, for instance, you’ve not only wasted your time, but also your ingredients and money. Spend a little money upfront to ensure that you have the right number and type of containers for your meal prep purposes, knowing that you’ll be needing ones that be easily washed and/or safe for the microwave and freezer. 

Seek Help from Lean Kitchen!

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Our meals at Lean Kitchen, for example, are ready-made, delicious and nutritious, a perfect substitute for your own meal prep endeavors when you run into unexpected obstacles or just need a break. With options for scheduling meals to be delivered to your home and ready-made meals always available in our stores, Lean Kitchen offers you the ability to maintain a “meal prep” routine even when you can’t…or just don’t want to! Please look around our website to learn more and/or place an order now to see why our customers rely on us to feed their families.