Fish is a great source of protein for people looking to lose weight, and one of the best options for people to pick is salmon. Salmon is packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that not only nourish the body but help lower the body’s level of triglycerides so that the hormones that control appetite and feelings of satiation can work more effectively. If you’re hoping to enhance your health and control your weight, look no further than salmon! Check out these three tips if you’re hoping to use healthy salmon recipes for weight loss:

Salmon Filet

Of course, most easy healthy salmon recipes for weight loss will use salmon solely as the main star. Rather than requiring hard-to-master kitchen techniques and multiple ingredients, a good recipe simply lets its main ingredient shine. Here’s an example: Broil a piece of salmon just a few inches from the top element in your oven. Add some steamed vegetables and, voila, you have a nutritious meal that’s ready in minutes. 

Smoked Salmon 

Go into any high end grocery, and you’ll find smoked salmon, often a variety of it. Smoked salmon is salmon that has been either salt cured or brined and then smoked. Smoking the fish can entail hot or cold measures, with cold-smoking using extended exposure to smoke (but little heat) to preserve and infuse the fish with flavor and hot-smoking using high-heat smoke to actually cook the fish. Each type prolongs the shelf life of salmon and makes it safe to eat. Smoked salmon is both easy to transport and low in calories. It’s the perfect low-cal snack to take on-the-go since it won’t spoil and fills you up. Check out this recipe for making your own smoked salmon treat.

Canned Salmon 

Another easy but healthy salmon recipe for weight loss utilizes canned salmon instead of fresh or frozen filets. Like its more famous canned tuna cousin, canned salmon is readily available, inexpensive, and packed full of beneficial nutrients. In fact, canned salmon is more healthy than canned tuna because it has even more omega-3 fatty acids! This is important when thinking about weight loss because it means most of us can use canned salmon to prepare a quick, low-cal, and healthy meal with little effort. Take, for instance, this recipe for salmon cakes.

Lean Kitchen Advantage

Healthy salmon recipes for weight loss don’t have to be hard or time-consuming. There are hundreds of options available for people wanting to control their calories while still boosting their consumption of essential vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, however, real life often prevents us from doing what we know we need to do! Busy schedules and low motivation leave many people with little time to actually shop and cook. That’s where Lean Kitchen comes in. Our ready-made meals are packed with the right balance of lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, and complex carbohydrates and contain no artificial ingredients or sugars. They allow our customers to enjoy a healthy meal that is not just delicious, but also good for the waist. 

Instead of worrying about getting healthy salmon recipes for weight loss (or any other type of dish) on the table yourself, let us do everything for you! Please review our website for available menu options and think about stopping into one of our stores to pick up tonight’s dinner or signing up for delivery our specialized meal plans.

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