5 Questions to Ask Your Spokane Meal Prep Services

When you’re too busy to cook or aren’t giving much thought to what kind of food you put into your body, you’ll quickly feel sluggish and may experience bloating, weight gain, and fatigue. But you can turn around your health and nutrition with the help of Spokane Meal Prep Services. Here’s how it works, what to expect, and how to make them as cost-effective as possible.

Your Meals Are Tasty, But Do They Taste Good?

Spokane Meal Prep Services - the lean kitchenYes! We focus on nutrition and health without compromising on flavor. We know people are more willing to stick to their nutrition goals when it tastes fantastic. And when you taste our delicious, signature treats and snacks like our Muscle Bites, you’ll forget their still packed with the healthy ingredients you need to fuel your day.

We built The Lean Kitchen on the concept that people should eat with purpose. We balance lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, complex carbs, and protein to give you the right ingredients to maintain energy balance. Our meals are also delicious, chef-prepared, and ready to heat up for a convenient way to eat healthy.

Is Sugar Really That Bad For You?

Most people can get by with some occasional sugar, but the overall effects of regular intake are dire. Research shows that sugar could lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, weight gain, and increase the risk for heart attack and stroke.

Adding a lot of sugar to your diet also isn’t necessary. Your body doesn’t need it, and food can taste sweet and satisfying while focusing on healthy, tasty ingredients. The Lean Kitchen doesn’t add any sugar to our dishes and instead creates great-tasting meals by using high-quality ingredients and chef-driven recipes. You end up with a flavorful meal or snack without the sugar crashes, bloating, and negative impact on your health.

What Does Chef-Driven Mean?

The Lean Kitchen takes a chef-driven approach to create meals that our team and customers love to eat. Chef-driven is a term that restaurants use to indicate a chef determines what items go into the menu. However, you can also find chef-driven dishes at bars, cafes, grocery stores, and Spokane meal prep services. Our chef-prepared meals provide the comfort food you like with a twist. We never use artificial preservatives, dyes, or sugar and pack our meals with protein without compromising flavor or nutrition.

We also know that convenience matters. Our customers lead busy lives and want ready-to-heat and eat meals that satisfy their appetites. From Buffalo Ranch Cauliflower Bowls to Reeses Protein Donuts, we offer well-balanced, portioned meals packed with nutrition and flavor.

What Are Some of Your Meal Options?

The Lean Kitchen creates fan-favorite meals that our customers enjoy ordering again and again. Here are just some of the options you’ll find when ordering Spokane Meal Prep Services.

  • Snickerdoodle Overnight Oats – Dig into some Snickerdoodle Overnight Oats to fuel your morning. This breakfast is made with peanut butter, honey, old-fashioned Quark oats, and a satisfying snickerdoodle protein. With a splash of almond milk, this meal comes in at 515 calories at 20 grams of protein.
  • Buffalo Mac & Cheese – Dig into oven-baked tender chicken thigh meat on low-carb cauliflower rice. We add hot buffalo sauce and kickin’ jalapeño ranch in this mouth-watering, 275-calorie meal with 40 grams of protein.
  • Sweet Teriyaki Bowl – We serve up sweet teriyaki chicken glaze on oven-baked chicken and a bed of marinated teriyaki brown rice. At 391 calories and 37 grams of protein, it’s a satisfying way to end the day and feel good about your nutrition.

We change our menus seasonally, so there’s always something new, interesting, and delicious to order.

What Are Your Spokane Meal Prep Services Plans Like?

Spokane Meal Prep Services - the lean kitchenWe all live busy lives and want to help fuel your day on your own terms. We know a one-size fits all plan doesn’t work for all of our customers. Instead, we offer one-team orders and ongoing recurring orders. We also reward you with 5% to 10% discounts depending on how many recurring meals you order. Our customers can also sign up for a loyalty program to earn points to turn into discounts to make their meal plan even more affordable.

Ready to Transform Meal Time?

Spokane meal prep services should help provide the proper nutrition, flavor, and customer care you and your family deserve. Ready to try it for yourself? Browse our entire menu options and place your order for fresh, seasonal meals and snacks today.

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