Healthy Meal Prep Service St. Louis

When you want to eat for your health, it can feel challenging to find delicious-tasting meals while still optimizing your nutrition. Instead of going through the process alone, a Healthy Meal Prep Service St. Louis can empower your goals. Our meal prep services ditch the idea that you need old-fashioned calorie restrictions and strict diets to succeed. Instead, you get optimal, balanced nutrition that tastes incredible. Here’s how meal prep services work and what to expect next.

Don’t Rely on Exercise Alone

healthy nachos - Healthy Meal Prep Service St. Louis - the lean kitchenTo live a healthy lifestyle, you need regular exercise to help raise your energy levels while preventing heart and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even some cancers. It’s also common to not to feel satiated and struggle with hunger pains when over-exercising. 

Although exercise is important, you can’t diet your way to a sustainable weight. When you walk three miles, you burn around 300 calories, but a fatty meal could add up to 1,000 calories. Instead, consider food as a building block of your nutrition that provides essential nutrients. You want healthy, quality fuels to help you exercise and improve your overall health. 

Keep It Convenient

It’s easier to stick to your healthy eating goals when you keep it convenient and worry-free. When you shop hungry after work, you’re likely to spend at least 64% more money than those who shop when they’re not hungry. When you sign-up for healthy meal prep service St. Louis, there’s no need to shop hungry. Instead, you remove temptations and optimize your nutrition. Order up single, weekly, or monthly meals and enjoy delivery to your location of your choice to heat them up and dig in to savor the flavor.

Get Appropriate Portion Sizes

Food portions in U.S. restaurants have doubled or tripled over the last two decades, making it easy to overeat and gain too much weight. Our healthy meal prep service St. Louis helps optimize your portion sizes so you can stay on top of how much you eat without even trying. The Lean Kitchen’s nutrient-packed meals come with the appropriate lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, and complex carbohydrates, so you stay fueled all day.

Stick to a Budget

It’s challenging to stick to a regular food budget when prices at the store are always rising. Any meal prep service is an investment, but you have a clear idea of what you’re getting and how much it costs. You can also use a combination of our healthy meal prep service St. Louis with your own dishes to work around your ideal budget. We also offer discounts on recurring orders and one-time meals. 

Eat Chef-Driven Meals

Our healthy meal prep service St. Louis is chef-driven and chef-prepared for delicious meals that are perfectly portioned and nutritionally balanced. We are detail obsessed, from how we prepare the food to what seasonal ingredients to use and how to pack it all up. We also include a nutrition label, so you know exactly what kind of food you’re consuming. Our meals are never enhanced with extra sugar or artificial anything that takes away from the nutritional value of your food.

Enjoy Healthy Comfort Food 

Comfort food is a delight, and we don’t believe eating healthy should mean giving up special treats. Our healthy meal prep service St. Louis creates indulgences that won’t derail your healthy lifestyle. Try our vanilla Reese’s Protein Donuts come topped with vanilla icing and crumbled-up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They have 233 calories and 10 grams of protein per donut for lazy afternoons over a cup of coffee, so you can enjoy a worry-free indulging while treating yourself once in awhile. 

Ready to Transform Meal Time?

Healthy meal prep service St. Louis helps you finally eat healthy without compromising your budget or favorite treats. Our chef-driven meals are always well-balanced with the nutrition you need to enjoy your favorite snacks and meals. Ready to try our meal prep service and revolutionize the way you eat? Browse our entire menu options and place your order for fresh, seasonal meals today.

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